Are you an educator who wants to give your students next-generation STEM skills? Then you need Thimble! Our mission is to make electronics education more accessible, inspiring, and fun. Thimble’s hands-on projects will make teaching easier than ever. We provide ready-to-go lesson plans, reusable materials, and educational content—not just for the students, but for you, the educator.

Here at Thimble, we understand that education standards change, and we’re committed to staying ahead of the curve. For educators in the US, we satisfy common core standards, next generation science standards, as well as skills and topics we have found valuable for a STEM career. We’re not just a team of hardware engineers and product designers. Our team is active in the learning community through our partnerships with schools, Boys & Girls Clubs, museums, and makerspaces.

We understand that everyone learns a little bit differently. That’s why we’ve created a flexible product line that caters to many learning styles. Retain information better by doing? Like reading step-by-step tutorials? Prefer to watch a video? Our project blueprints and videos will walk you and your classroom through every step of the way.

Student working on a Thimble kit at school

Educators and Students Love Thimble

Students love Thimble because they get to build something cool and hands-on. Educators love Thimble because it makes teaching STEM easier

Simple and Easy

Simple and Easy

Instructions are easy to follow for both teachers and students.

Saves Time

Saves Time

No more overwhelming lesson plans! Everything just works.

Hands-On Interactivity

Hands-On Interactivity

Help your students learn by doing.

Thimble kits give you a sense of accomplishment

Sense of Accomplishment

Sit back and watch the light bulbs go off!

Thimble kit and Creator Set

All Options Come With:

  • Lesson Plans
  • Training Tutorials
  • Online Support
  • Educator Community Membership

Education Packs

Pack of 5
5 Creator Sets (5-10 Students)
$495.00 Buy Now
Pack of 10
10 Creator Sets (10-20 Students)
$990.00 Buy Now
Pack of 30
30 Creator Sets (30-60 Students)
$2,970.00 Buy Now
Pack of 50
50 Creator Sets (50-100 Students)
$4,950.00 Buy Now

Educators Who Love Thimble

Teacher soldering past Thimble project

“Thimble took the time to train us (the teachers) and have even volunteered to come out and work with the kids. So far we have done the flashlight activity as an introduction and our kids loved it!! Looking forward to doing more in the coming weeks!”

Ronni McGrath

Man poses with completed LED Cube on top of a Thimble kit

Best kits on the market, hands down! I’ve been a STEM teacher for over 10 years. I love that each project is different in nature and that the tutorials are taught by the founders themselves. My 7th grade students are learning real skills and have been able to apply some of their schooling outside of the classroom. We are looking forward to building many more projects! Thank you!” 

John Scarborough

Father, son, and daughter pose for a picture with completed Wi-Fi Robot.

Lots of excitement here in the McGhee household! I’m 49 and almost quit my job to apply to MIT when my son and I made the robot move! I had visions of Mars Rover 2.0 and interplanetary jet packs! This is such a great idea!

Will McGhee

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