Meet Bella: A Hardware Engineering Intern And #lowkeyreallyweird!

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Bella, Hardware Engineering Intern
Bella, a hardware engineering intern at Thimble, works on the WiFi Robot Kit.

Here at Thimble, we’ve hired over 15 interns! We are amazed by their talent, creativity, and passion for what they do. Each intern has done so much for us and we wouldn’t be where we are today without their fresh perspective and knowledge. Fun fact: have you seen the design on our orange boxes that we ship out every month? An intern designed that!

This summer, we are lucky enough to have six interns, ranging from engineering to finance. To highlight their talents and everything they’ve done, we’ve decided to do a short interview series. The first intern we’re interviewing is Bella Kuhl! Bella is a 3rd year at Boston University majoring in electrical engineering. She is a hardware engineer at Thimble and since she loved her experience so much last summer, she came back this summer!

Watch the video below to hear more about Bella and her experience at Thimble. We discuss the projects she has been working on, what got her interested in STEM, and what color she would be if she were a crayon!

Link to Video:


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