Educators supplement their curriculum with our program - using online courses, training, and hands-on projects to teach students engineering, programming, and electronics. (Grades 5+)

Our Partners:

Built for Teachers with No Prior STEM Training

Save time. Teach confidently. Engage your students. 

Embeddable STEM Curriculum

Embed our curriculum into yours; we provide electronic parts, tools, and instructions to build and program interactive structures and smart robots.

Virtual Courses & Projects

Courses provide tactile context for coding with designing and debugging for hardware and software. Easy setup, clean up, and short/long-term challenges.

Professional Development

Boost your confidence and comfort in the classroom with training, tools, and assessment services to measure student engagement and achievement.

STEM Courses

Start with TH 101 and progress to more advanced courses. Hands-on learning is infused with evolving technologies and high quality instruction.

  • Curated all-in-one kits made with modular parts (durable, reusable, easy setup / cleanup)
  • Guided learning portal with step-by-step instructions that lead to successful learning outcomes (lesson plans, troubleshooting, videos) 


Our quality resources and guidance help educators and students meet the demands of Next Generation Science Standards. Students will learn to implement iterative development and testing. Our curriculum aligns with the following standards:

  • NGSS – Next Generation Science Standards
  • ITEEA – Standards for Technological Literacy
  • ISTE Computer Science Standards 
  • Common Core Science Standards
  • CSTA: K-12 Computer Science Standards

Professional Development

Thimble offers a variety of free and paid training programs based on your needs.  We will help boost your confidence and comfort in the classroom with training, tools, and assessment services to measure student engagement and achievement. 

  • Proven instructional strategies
  • Effective classroom management and techniques
  • Reusable, durable equipment and tools
"We love using Thimble in our STEM classes in Telluride, CO. I run the Pinhead Institute, which is a Smithsonian Affiliate, and we're excited to bring hands-on learning to our students. Thimble is terrific!
Sarah Holbrooke
Director, Pinhead Institute


  • 255 Great Arrow Ave. (Suite #212)
    Buffalo, NY 14207
  • 585-730-1413

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