Why Thimble?

Kids and adults want to be creative and develop the right technical skills to build something fun and useful. But they’re hesitant to jump in because: they don't have the right project ideas finding components is time consuming they don't have the knowledge to assemble their project.

That whole experience is a massive barrier and we’re going to fix it. By offering monthly kits, we are bringing the makerspace to your home; it doesn’t matter who you are or how old you are, people want to understand how individual electronic parts work together to make something function.

As you progress from project to project, you will learn the art of soldering, programming languages, micro-controllers, and theory. Our hope is that you will learn enough to build, operate, and manipulate your own projects in the near future.

Our Vision

Thimble believes making is for everyone. We strive to be the optimal guided path to making through our inclusive learning environment - a makerspace without physical boundaries. We succeed when our subscribers apply skills they have mastered using Thimble's kits and community to create their own projects, a process that includes supporting users who extend, personalize, and remix our kits for their own objectives.

We are fully committed to the spirit of open source, releasing not only our schematics, designs, and code, but also our design methodology, for all of our kits.