Learn electronics
with hands-on projects.

Kids and adults build engineering & programming skills through electronics projects delivered to their doorstep every month.

How It Works



To get started, just log in to our learning platform! Our video tutorials and project blueprints help you with every step of the assembly.



Make your project do something fun! Our block-based programming language will make coding easy for beginners. Advanced coders can choose to use text-based languages (C/C++) .



Push yourself and your skills! Break your projects down,build them up, and add to them as many times as you’d like.

Inside Your First Box

The first project you receive is the 12-in-1 Creator Set.
Think of the Creator Set as the “brain” of your subscription. It includes 12 mini projects to get you started. You will use both the knowledge and parts you gain from the Creator Set to build future Thimble kits, so keep those components on hand!

Following the Creator Set, you will continue to build your skills as you receive four kits, one per month, that create one big project. Although we include all the parts you need to get started, Thimble is much more than just a box of parts! Also included are our easy-to-follow online project blueprints to aid you in the assembly and coding of each project.

Our Unique
Online Curriculum

Learn without getting overwhelmed with the help of our one-of-a-kind curriculum! Whether you’re an absolute beginner or seasoned tinkerer, Thimble provides you with a strong foundation for mastering your engineering and programming skills. As you progress through the projects with us, you’ll go beyond following tutorials and gain a true understanding of the fundamentals. Both video and written project blueprints are included for each kit, so you can follow along in the way that best fits your learning style.

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Is Thimble Right for You?

Great for All Ages

Thimble kits are recommended for children ages 8+ with parental supervision, ages 13+ independently, and even adults!

No Experience Necessary

We start off assuming that you know nothing about electronics. As you progress from project to project with us throughout the months, you will eventually build up to college level engineering and computer science skills!

Global 24/7 Online Support

Included with every Thimble kit is access to our online forums, made up of other tinkerers who are eager to collaborate on ways to hack the projects and troubleshoot any issue you run into!

Get My First Kit

Learn electronics at home or school with our conveniently
packaged kits and easy-to-follow online tutorials.

Awards & Press

What Our Fans Are Saying

  • “What sets Thimble apart from other kits is their learning platform, full of information about how the kits actually work, instead of just directions. The crew is very open about wanting to make people actually understand how their projects work. Really fun for someone like me that’s worked with computers for a while but never really learned the hardware side of things!” 

    Mike Kenig

  • “I’m an experienced aerospace engineer and I still learn things when working on the Thimble projects. Aside from the projects, the customer service has been amazing. Thimble is a great company supporting the STEM fields. Looking forward to the new projects throughout the year!!!”

    Steve Dickinson, subscriber

  • A portrait of Ryan

    I work as an Engineer for Amazon, but I love having projects to do in my free time. Thimble is a great way to have a constant flow of fun engineering projects sent right to your house! I can also see this being very useful in getting kids excited about engineering at a young age!”

    Ryan Jones

Our Community

Show us what you made by using our hashtag, #MadeWithThimble

How do I get started once
I receive my first project?

To start building, all you need is Internet access and your computer or mobile device! Then visit our learning platform at learning.thimble.io to create an account and follow along with our project blueprints & step-by-step video tutorials.

What tools are required
to complete the projects?

All parts come included with each kit! From time to time, you may need a few household items to aid you in the assembly, such as a screwdriver, tape, or cardboard. As you progress from project to project, the learning outcomes and skill level become more difficult. We sell a toolkit on our parts store that will help anyone become an electronics master.

What if I have problems with
the assembly or coding of my project?

Post on our community forum for 24/7 troubleshooting assistance from our helpful community! If you still have questions, contact us anytime at support@thimble.io.